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International bestseller Amazon UK 12-22-13 #58 film and video     International Bestseller Australia 11 smallerWhat I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood (2nd ed.) Kindle version celebrated a new milestone just in time for Christmas and just ahead of the release of print versions in January 2014. The e-book has now become a bestseller in all foreign English speaking territories, including the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Furthermore, it managed to hit the bestsellers list in France despite not having been translated to french. The book hit these new bestsellers lists after holding on to the US bestsellers lists for more than 10 months straight.

The increase in International sales can be attributed largely to Amazon’s Kindle  Countdown Deal which is running on the book in the US until Christmas day and in the UK until December 27th.  Kindle Countdown lists the book for a set period of time at a reduce price along with a clock, which countdowns the hours, minutes and seconds to international bestseller Canada 66the  date the book price will increase. The initial promotion in the US began at 99c and increases 1.00 every forty hours until Christmas when the book returns to its normal price. International bestseller Amazon France #79In the UK, the countdown first listed the book at £0.99 on 12/22 and will only make two increases before returning to it’s regular price of £3.21.

The Kindle Countdown deal is only in effect in the US and UK, so the sales in France, Canada and Australia occurred at full price as they did in International Bestseller Amazon Uk 12-22-13 #29the US for the past ten months. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for pre-ordering the print versions  in foreign territories as there is in the US even International Bestseller Australia 11though the print versions will release internationally on January 13th (the author’s eldest sister’s birthday, who passed as he was writing the first edition) at the same time as the US release.  US buyers can exclusively order second edition print versions in hardcover for $20.46 (32% off the cover price of $29.95)  or paperback for $11.51 (28% off the cover price of $15.95) from Amazon US only here. Signed versions may also be pre-ordered on the author’s web site for $24.95 and $15.95 by clicking here.

At the time of this writing, the Kindle Countdown has the e-book 2nd edition priced at $2.99 with the next increase coming in 1 day 14 hours, so there’s still time to take advantage of the deal.


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  1. Oh I now work background wherever I can, an I often have to pay for a hotel an the ones in hollywood are basically like the economics of the day, either gross an yucky for 100.00 or very nice for 200,00 a day an up, so basically im working to get my old age pension, which may not be there when im 62. Believe it or not, im an optimist. 😉

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