WIK Hollywood Hits #1 and #12–Ahead of McKee, Truby AND… Superhead

#12 Movies and Entertainment ahead of Story Book hits #1 paid 12-20-13 Merry ChristmasIt would be nice if it lasts, but for now my book has moved ahead of a couple Hollywood giants in screenwriting–Story, by Robert McKee, the bible of Hollywood screenwriting, and John Truby’s The Anatomy of Story. As a bonus, it’s ahead of the Video Vixen Superhead’s Hollywood tell-all, too.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood (2nd ed.) is being offered as a Kindle Countdown deal for the next week, until Christmas.  In addition, buyers can pre-order the upcoming paperback and hardcover, which will be released in January, by clicking on the “hardcover” or “paperback” link under “formats.”  Both print editions are being offered at 30% off cover price.

The book has enjoyed strong sales in two categories on Amazon (Humor and Entertainment/Movies, where it ranks #12 among other books on Hollywood and screenwriting  and Music Business, where it ranks #1) because the book discusses what artists need to know about the entertainment business as a whole. Whether you are an actor, writer, director, producer, musician, singer, rapper, comedian or just someone who knows or loves someone interested in Hollywood, this book gives valuable insights that prepare young artists for what they will find in the entertainment business.

Not only has the book been called “required reading for every performing arts major in the nation,” it’s also been suggested that struggling artists in Hollywood read it for the new life and insights it breathes into those on the verge of quitting.

Did you know that more college students enroll in performing and visual arts programs than in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs combined? One reason for this is that young people have no idea what the entertainment business really is. This book explains it so that if they decide to follow those dreams, they do so wide awake and with their eyes wide open.  Check out the Kindle deal here or by clicking the pics above.

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