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Thanks for coming to visit. Make yourself at home. I’m working on making this site a decent resource for anyone interested in life behind the Hollywood sign.

I’ve got a bunch of articles and stories I’ll be posting soon. I even intend to post some clips from the new audio book version of I Followed My Bliss to Bankruptcy–What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood, so please check those out.

And please comment on my blogs and posts. The only thing I like more than people commenting on my blogs is people buying my book, giving me great reviews and telling their friends to buy my book.

Thank you for visiting. If you want to contact me, please do so on the “Meet the Author” page where I’ve posted my email address ([email protected]) as well as  links to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I have a Myspace account, but I don’t use it as much. Maybe I should. Either way, please friend me on those sites and please sign up here to receive updates by clicking on the RSS feed button (the big orange button in the upper right of the HOME page). You can send me questions by email or by making a comment on one of the blogs. I read all the comments. I did mention I love comments, right?

You can also get an signed copy of my book on this site only–well, here or if you see me in person. That is, if you see me in person and I have copies of my book on me. …and a pen.  Just click on the words, “signed copy” in the previous sentence or on the “Gimme the Book” tab. The orders are processed securely through PayPal (i.e. I don’t get to see your credit card number.)

Finally, if you want to contact me to speak at an event or conference, please also email me. I love speaking, engaging people and giving them new things to think about as well as motivating them in their lives–whether related to Hollywood or just following your dreams.  BTW,  I’m pretty good at it… been getting paid to do it since I was a teenager.

Thanks again for visiting. Let me know what you think of the site.


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    • Yes Rob, I use Askimet spam filtering to block an outrageous amount of spam comments. I think it’s upwards of 10K by now. That’s one suggestion. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello, i found your website through yahoo and hope you keep writing more quality articles.

    • I’m working on it Verdell. Glad you enjoyed it. Check back soon.

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