George Lucas's Red Tails

Why Red Tails is NOT a Black Movie

There’s been a lot of reporting lately about the importance of George Lucas’s new movie Red Tails for the Black community. The argument goes like this: If people don’t go see Red Tails, Hollywood will never fund higher budget black movies again.  Although the basic altruism of White people might be moved by this argument, […]

What to Expect at Film Festivals

I have to admit that my initial answer to this question was less than favorable. I’ve attended about 20 film festivals in my life—only four of them intentionally.

Sequels, Prequels and Now in 3D!

“Does that say Toy Story 2?” my daughter asked me as we passed a bus stop sign here in Burbank today. “Yeah.” “Oh, it’s in 3D… They already did Toy Story 2, but they’re just putting it back in theaters in 3D?” “Yeah, that’s how they do it here.” I responded. “They resell the same […]