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Welcome to T.R. Locke.com.  On this site, you will find a number of articles about Hollywood, writing, publishing, living the artist life and making a living at it. My first book, What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood was an international bestseller inspired by my experiences here in Hollywood. You can read more about me on the about page here. The book focused on what film schools don't teach you about Hollywood. There are many articles here under the category "Hollywood Dreams," that will help you best prepare for a successful career in the entertainment business.

Since then, I've begun ghostwriting and releasing my novels, many of which were first conceived as screenplays.  My first novel, Lunar Options is available now. It's an adaptation of my original screenplay by the same name. The screenplay was orginally intended to run in reverse order from the third story to the first. So, even though this is the third book in the series, it is the first book. Get it? I think you will when you read it.  I hope you'll check it out.

Thanks for dropping by my site. If you'd like to connect with me in social media, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn @TRLocke. If you'd like to contact me about ghostwriting, you can do so at YourGhostwriterOnline.com.

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Screenwriter On Why He Won’t Read New Writer’s Scripts

Update: Josh should has plenty of time to read screenplay now. Hasn’t done anything since he said this. Interesting. I came across an article online at Village Voice.com and saw a very potent discussion of it by a number of screenwriters both there and at Deadline.com, the excellent website started by famed Hollywood reporter Nikki […]

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Sequels, Prequels and Now in 3D!

“Does that say Toy Story 2?” my daughter asked me as we passed a bus stop sign here in Burbank today. “Yeah.” “Oh, it’s in 3D… They already did Toy Story 2, but they’re just putting it back in theaters in 3D?” “Yeah, that’s how they do it here.” I responded. “They resell the same […]

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Michael Jackson and the Dark Side of Hollywood–The King in Hologram

    Now that Hollywood has figured out a way to resurrect Michael Jackson in Hologram form (see 2014 Billboard Music Awards Video here) and make him perform at their will, I thought it might be a good time to revisit one of the first post on this blog (from 2009) about the Dark Side […]

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No One says “No”

As the circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s death begin to pour in, we get a view of one of the realities of Hollywood that I learned from one of the interviews in my book. That reality? That when it comes to celebrities, no one speaks truth to them. No one tells them “no, don’t do that.” […]

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He’s Out of Our Lives?

I can’t even believe it’s possible. I still think it’s a publicity stunt for his new tour. I fully expect for him to pop up somewhere or to learn that it was just one of his clones that passed away. How many people imitated this man? Every known major pop performer in the world at […]

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers about Hollywood.

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Tip #1 For Making it in Hollywood–Thick Skin

Develop a thick skin if you want to make it in Hollywood.

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Welcome to My Site

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WIK – Before I Got Married

The next book in the Wish I Knew Series is entitled  I Do?–What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married promises to be an  intelligent, humorous and insightful book–only this time about the ups and downs of married life and what everyone needs to know before they commit. My lovely wife Lisa and I […]

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New Website Slowly Coming Together

I've been promising to upgrade this site for years. It's finally happening. Slowly.