New Look, New Paperback, New Praise, New Giveaways

I am very happy that Lunar Options is being read and receiving praise. The comments from readers have been very encouraging and I’m excited about finishing the series. To get an idea of what people are saying, check out some of these from Goodreads and Amazon:

A very complexed and riveting story masterfully written.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I was hooked from the PROLOGUE. The characters of the story are fascinating and complicated…and smart. I love smart characters. It feels like I’m reading a movie. Lunar Options is fast-paced and refused to let me up to breathe. I finished the book in just under 4 hours and wanted more.

This book is a serious thrill with a twist of paranormal (if you call someone with the mental ability to mindf*#k you into thinking you’re falling off the side of a skyscraper, paranormal).”

The science is on point and the story races at you at 75,000 mph. One of the best Techno-Thrillers I’ve ever read. It’s up there with Ludlum and thinks futuristically like Michael Crichton. I highly recommend this book.”

To help push the promotion of the book, I’m doing a giveaway of 7 signed first editions on Goodreads.  You can enter the giveaway by clicking on the image to the left or on the “Enter the Giveaway Button” in the column to the right on my blog. The link will take you to Goodreads to enter. You have to be a member of Goodreads, which is a great site for readers of every genre. If you’re not a member, check it out.  Additionally, for a limited time, the price of the Kindle e-book reduced to only 99c over on Amazon.

Thank you so much for your support.

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