Sample Interview Questions for T. R. Locke on “What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood”

–Okay, T. R., I’ll bite, What did you learn after you moved to Hollywood that you didn’t know before you left?

–What do you mean by “the backside of Mount Hollywood?”

–How hard is it to become a working writer in Hollywood?

–What are the odds of becoming a working Actor in Hollywood?

–What makes the difference between those who make it and those that don’t?

–You say in your book that Hollywood is all about money, isn’t that obvious?

–Why do so many celebrities seem to live such outrageous lives?

–Is there something in the air in Hollywood that makes people shallow or superficial?

–You talk about the competition in Hollywood, what do you mean?

–You give advice about how to get an agent. What are some pointers for that and how important are agents?

–What’s  the difference between an agent and a manager?

–You say you can be in movies that are never seen by anyone, what do you mean by that?

–You say, “If you’re truly original, there’s no place for you in Hollywood.” What do you mean by that?

–What makes a person desire to follow dreams in Hollywood when it’s such a long shot to succeed?

–You interviewed a number of successful Hollywood movie stars, TV stars, singers, directors, writers, producers and executives, what’s the best piece of advice you heard and who’d it come from?

–Hollywood is a place based on relationships, how did you get these artists to share so much about the dark side?

–What prompted you write this book?

–Okay, say I’m a young artist out there, I want to make it in Hollywood and you can only tell me one thing, what would it be?

–What are the lessons you’ve learned from your experiences?

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