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Wish I Knew Hollywood makes Bestseller’s Lists

March 25, 2013—Burbank, CA—Less than three weeks after its March 03, 2013 release exclusively on Amazon for Kindle, the 2nd edition of my book, What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood, hit multiple Bestseller’s and What’s Hot lists on Amazon.

In Kindle Books, it landed at #13 in books about the Music Business. In all books about Music, including paperbacks and hardcovers, it hit #72–even landing ahead of Quincy Jones’s book “Q on Producing,” which was #88.

It also hit the Amazon Hot New Releases List in multiple categories including for all books on the Music Business #4, Music General #65,  and Humor and Entertainment: Movies, #44.  Scoring #4 on the Hot New Releases Music Business List gave it the honor of appearing sandwiched between Madonna’s “Body by Madonna” and a Biography of the Rolling Stones, “A Prince Among Stones.”

Along with my own outrageous ride as a screenwriter and actor in Hollywood, What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood recounts the stories, struggles, triumphs and lessons learned of numerous creative artists in the fields of filmmaking and television–including award-winning actors, festival-winning directors, Emmy-winning producers, network executives, movie stars, staffers, comedians and screenwriters. In the filed of music, interviews with Grammy-nominated singers, songwriters, and platinum-selling music producers reveal Hollywood from a perspective few see without years of experience and success.  Overall, the book encourages readers to follow dreams while their eyes wide open, whether those dreams lead to Hollywood or their own hometown.

The new 2nd edition is updated and expanded with additional interviews and insights. It is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle at a discounted $4.99 and can be read on all Apple and Android devices as well as Mac and PC with the free Kindle App.

Author T. R. Locke said, “I look forward to adding ‘bestselling author’ to my biography. It’s been a dream for years. It’s not easy to do and I’m thankful for everyone who downloaded the book to help make that dream a reality.”



Following Dreams with Eyes Wide Open

Burbank, CA–New and expanded 2nd edition of T. R. Locke’s critically acclaimed “What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood” promises help to artists searching for success from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

“This book offers insights to help you pursue your dreams with your eyes wide open. Success in Hollywood takes great patience and determination. Knowing this helps you prepare for each battle you face along the way.”
–James Pickens Jr., Actor, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

A new, expanded 2nd Edition of “What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood,” is available 3/7/2013  exclusively on Kindle, which can also be read on i-phone, i-pad, android, Mac and PC with the free Kindle App.   The critically acclaimed book is discounted to $4.99 for a limited time.

 According to Oprah Winfrey, “If you follow your bliss (what makes you happy), the money will come.”  Joseph Campbell and dozens of motivational speakers agree. That may be true, but what they don’t tell you is how long it may take for that money to come.

 “Laugh out loud funny. It kept me turning pages.”—T. Proctor, Producer

 What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood is based not only on Locke’s own hilarious, roller coaster experiences in Hollywood as a screenwriter and actor, but the experiences of more than a dozen other artists—from Grammy-nominated singers, to screenwriters, staffers, film and TV executives, festival-winning directors, Emmy-winning filmmakers, platinum-selling record producers and award-winning movie and TV stars. The insights they share will inspire and entertain you whether your dreams lead to Hollywood or your own Hometown.



“Should be required reading for aspirants before they come to Hollywood… and a sober reminder to struggling Hollywood artists before they give up on their dreams and leave.”

–Book Maven Reviews (5 stars)

Chasing Hollywood Pipe Dreams

Author offers behind the scenes view of Hollywood and advice on how to find success

 (LOS ANGELES) In Hollywood, only 5 percent of scripts get commissioned and of those,  less than 1 percent will see the screen. Despite these dismal statistics, people appear every day in sunny Los Angeles with high hopes of chasing their dream of being a screenwriter without any insider’s knowledge of the industry. Author T.R. Locke is looking to change that.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood is Locke’s no-holds account of his personal account of moving his family from the suburbs of Chicago to Hollywood in pursuit of a career as a movie screenwriter. With laugh out loud humor and candor about his own experience, this book reveals the 22 things that he wished that he knew before moving to Hollywood.

“One of the things that I wished that I knew before I moved is what life was like behind the Hollywood sign,” said Locke. “I was not prepared for the reality of what it is like to work in this industry, and I want to use my experience to help educate hopefuls on the right way to make it in Hollywood.”

In addition to his own experience, Locke persuaded several Hollywood celebrities and producers, under the protection of anonymity, to share the hard lessons that they learned that lead to their success in the industry. These no-holds barred accounts provide valuable insight to Hollywood hopefuls.

What author T.R. Locke can talk about as a media guest:

–          What Hollywood hopefuls should expect about the movie industry

–          How to build a screenwriting career

–          Stories from famous industry leaders on how they found success

–          And much more!

About T.R. Locke

T. R. Locke is a critically acclaimed author, screenwriter, humorist and former stage and commercial actor. He has ghostwritten over a dozen books. He writes an authoritative blog for artists about the entertainment business at His work has been featured on TV, in national magazines, on Yahoo and across the web. He has lectured at Northwestern University’s Graduate School of Journalism and other colleges and universities.

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