Interview and Speaking Topics

Speaking and Interview Topics:

Writing and Publishing:

  • The power and control of independent publishing
  • The changing publishing industry
  • How to write your first book
  • Converting screenplays to novels
  • Book marketing and becoming a bestselling author
  • Finding and Writing your Life Story
  • How to be a full-time professional writer

Business and professional writing:

  • Ghostwriting and Publishing–how to create and have an independent writing career
  • How writing a book propels your professional career forward
  • How professionals can and do uses ghostwriters to help complete their books
  • Narrative Therapy–How Writing Your Book can Change Your Life Forever

Passions, Goals and Life Fulfillment:

  • Following dreams and passions even when they don’t work out as you planned
  • Fulfillment and life satisfaction–what really matters
  • Moving beyond personal failure


  • The hard realities of life in the entertainment business. What aspirants need to know and how to prepare
  • Encouraging people to pursue their dreams realistically
  • What Hollywood stars say about the film, television and music business
  • What people do for fame.  Celebrity tricks for getting noticed
  • Why so many celebrities get hooked on drugs, ruin their lives or seem so unhinged
  • His interviews with Network TV executives, successful actors, successful Hollywood writers, Grammy nominated singers and songwriters, rap producers, film producers, film directors, etc.
  • How to build a screenwriting career
  • How to get a literary or acting agent, lawyer or manager. Do you need one? What do representatives do for artists?
  • Internet success for Hollywood hopefuls. How people like Justin Bieber broke through to success via the Internet and the odds for others
  • How screenwriters can use books to get their stories out
  • How to make it in your own hometown instead of moving to Hollywood
  • How to pursue your dreams with your eyes wide open



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