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When he was 12, T.R. asked his dad for a typewriter for his birthday. The first thing he typed was a letter from Paramount Studios requesting permission to audition students at his Junior High School for an upcoming film. The ruse convinced his principle to order the English teacher to schedule auditions immediately. T.R. has not stopped writing since that first thrill of taking people for a ride with his imagination.

T.R’s vast life experience has bought him in touch with gang leaders, drug lords, car thieves, pimps, pastors, spies, Air Force One pilots, billionaires, famous celebrities, mayors, murderers, cowboys, undercover cops, snipers, farmers, international peace negotiators, coroners and the Vice President of the United States. He draws from his experiences to tell thought-provoking thrillers about everyday people involved with complex characters in outrageous circumstances. He is fascinated by politics, corruption, greed, the plight of underdogs and justice.

T.R. Locke is a critically acclaimed, best-selling author, publisher, screenwriter, humorist and former stage and commercial actor. He has ghostwritten more than twenty books. His new techno-thriller, Lunar Options, is his first fiction novel released under his own name.

He grew up in Cleveland, OH before moving to Chicago at the age of 21. He now lives and writes in Los Angeles. He is the proud father of two daughters–one at USC and the other at UCLA. He shares his life with his wife of nearly 25 years, Lisa.
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