Q&A: “Will Hollywood Reject Me for my Political Views?”

I received a question on my blog from a filmmaker and reader of my book. I’d like to answer his question in this post. For those who don’t know, in my book, I refer to the things I Wish I Knew before I moved to Hollywood as “WIKs”. The question is as follows: Mr. Locke, […]

Michael Jackson and the Dark Side of Hollywood–The King in Hologram

    Now that Hollywood has figured out a way to resurrect Michael Jackson in Hologram form (see 2014 Billboard Music Awards Video here) and make him perform at their will, I thought it might be a good time to revisit one of the first post on this blog (from 2009) about the Dark Side […]

No One says “No”

As the circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s death begin to pour in, we get a view of one of the realities of Hollywood that I learned from one of the interviews in my book. That reality? That when it comes to celebrities, no one speaks truth to them. No one tells them “no, don’t do that.” […]