How to Start a Script? Don’t Do What I Did!

The question that follows from a student filmmakers led me to the memory of trying to sell my first screenplay to Hollywood. What I learned from that experience was that the way you begin a screenplay can determine whether it ever finds a buyer at all. Check it out: “Hello writers! I’m writing a crime […]

What Happened to the Prodco???

From a Screenwriter: “Two production companies requested my screenplay two months ago.  I’ve heard you should give them around three months. I waited two months and then sent a follow up. “Thanks for reading any feedback would be appreciated.” This was last week. Is it usual for them not to write back at all? They […]

Screenwriter On Why He Won’t Read New Writer’s Scripts

Update: Josh should has plenty of time to read screenplay now. Hasn’t done anything since he said this. Interesting. I came across an article online at Village and saw a very potent discussion of it by a number of screenwriters both there and at, the excellent website started by famed Hollywood reporter Nikki […]

Sequels, Prequels and Now in 3D!

“Does that say Toy Story 2?” my daughter asked me as we passed a bus stop sign here in Burbank today. “Yeah.” “Oh, it’s in 3D… They already did Toy Story 2, but they’re just putting it back in theaters in 3D?” “Yeah, that’s how they do it here.” I responded. “They resell the same […]